Cancana Resource Corporation is a mining company that operates in Brazil. We are primarily focused on mining Manganese in this region so that they can be used a high-grade and premium fertilizers to cater to the needs of the agriculture industry. 

Before anything else, we are aware that there are negative connotations to businesses involved in the mining industry. Cancana Resource Corporation has made it a priority to make Corporate Social Responsibility a crucial part of our operation, programs, and services.  

Corporate Social Responsibility is quite a new concept but it has caught on with the corporate world, making them realize that more than the profit that they reap, they have a responsibility to social development.  Businesses need to align their objectives based not just on their financial gains but on their social impact as well.  And no matter what critics say, we can all agree that it is a win-win situation if companies engage in CSR activities.  Whatever we do, it pays forward as the people are given the chance to learn and to develop themselves and in turn, they can be productive citizens of their country and serve as a good market for businesses.  For the longest time, people thought that development work was the responsibility of the government and non-government organizations. But now everyone is given the opportunity to be involved.  Business sectors and the civil society alike share the common goal of community development.  This talk is not about the profit but what one can give back to the community. Indeed, given the global crisis that we are experiencing, Cancana Resources Corporation believes that now is a good time to care. 

There are many challenges that our Corporate Social Responsibility program faces.  There is the question of how to make the CSR programs better and more responsive to environmental and social issues while implementing good corporate governance policies and procedures.  With so many stakeholders, there is a need to spread out, to reach more people in need.  There is just so much to be done before we can truly empower the people but we assure you that Cancana Resources Corporation is committed to strengthening its CSR programs side by side with our business endeavors so that everyone emerges as the winner.